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本文主要讲“老虎计划”案例分析,保护野生动物能被认为是穷人负担不起的奢侈品吗?对荒野的重视对其在第三世界的应用造成了积极的危害。由于划定了荒野地区,这导致了资源从贫困人口直接转移到富人手中。作为一个重要的例子,“老虎计划”是一个感知老虎利益的杰出方法,但它对保护区内外的贫困农民产生了负面影响(Kronlid and Ohman, 2013)。本篇assignment代写文章由英国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Can concern for preserving wilderness be considered a luxury not affordable by the poor? Laying emphasis upon wilderness causes positive harm in its application across the Third World. As areas of wilderness are set aside, it has led towards directly transferring resources to the rich people from the poor population. As a significant example, Project Tiger is an outstanding approach to perceive the interests of the tigers, but it negatively affects the poor peasants in and across the reserve (Kronlid and Öhman, 2013).
As tiger reserved were possibly designated by physically displacing existing villages along with their inhabitants, the management authorities have to continuously exclude the interest of livestock and peasants, providing evidence for the American system transplanted across India.
The scenario is such that interests of the local population is not taken into consideration, and as in the case of Africa, the designation of wild-lands has to be managed appropriately for benefiting the rich tourists (Sarre and Smith, 2013). There would have been more fairness and success in the case of Project Tiger if local people were included in the overall interest. Since recent times, managers of wildlife across the Third World experiment the way to fulfill the needs of local people in order to be successful with park and wildlife conservation. This is made possible by the inclusion of encouraging outcomes. In the case of Africa, such efforts tend to disburse a direct share of park revenues across local villages.
There are increased efforts of hiring locals as forest wardens and guides. There is compensation for the damage caused to crops by wildlife species straying beyond the parks (Aycrigg, 2015). There is provision of input to local people for the purpose of managing protected regions. In Bolivia’s Beni Preserve of South America, there is a core preserve of wilderness surrounding a forested region focusing on sustainable, traditional extraction of resource. Across the forested regions, there is an area focusing on sustainability of agriculture. Thus, this project is leaving a scope for both preservation and conservation of natural resource with the economic and social interests of local population fostered appropriately (Barbier and Markandya, 2013).


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