The specific plan that has been proposed has been explained in detail in the following. The research objective will be devised based on preliminary analysis of the data that is available. For this the time period that would be required are 3 days. To collect literature from sources would take around 4 days. There has already been collection of literature summarizing and the key points that would be added to the literature would take 4 days. Research methodology and to develop the research plan would take around three days. Actual data collection, analysis of the company as case study would take around 6 days.
There would be 4 more days spent for the analysis of data that has been collected. Data analysis and discussion would take around 1 week. This is the most important part. It is in this part that the views and the results of the research along with insights gained will be mentioned. Owing to this is the most important part. The final presentation would take around 6 to 10 days to write. Based on the feedback received and from personal analysis there can be editing done to the final presentation. The final stage depends on smooth research analysis and data collection.
This has been represented in the Gantt chart that has been shown in the following. This creation of the chart has shown the roster of plan and the specific time frames to achieve the plans.Hypothetically the research will be devised to ensure that the complete research for would take place within a span of two months. The rough estimate that has been mentioned is actually for a month. Two months has been requested to ensure that any glitches or issues can be addressed with this span.