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A large number of Avant grade designers in Utopia had been intoxicated through the large number of possibilities which had been provided by the science and technology. This included the vision of the Avant grade designers from Italy to understand the potential power which had been caused. These designers envisaged the entire world and recreated the same with the help of their own vision. The rational thinking among the artists of Utopiawas to rest on some of the mechanisms related to the designs which would lead to the improvement of the day to day life of the people. Similar to modernism, it had been calculated in opposition to some of the perceived evils which had been related to the present.
In addition to this, this kind of solution had been largely identified from the products which were related to the design world. Yet solutions of the designs of the Avant grade designers had been largely rational and practical. It also consisted of the thought which was full of the fresh air. After the end of the First World War, the Utopian ideas were being implemented into art, design and architecture. A large number of new ideas had been developed during these times which were based on Utopian designs. Most of these avant-grade ideas had been accepted by the designers in different places in the world. In this research, the discussion has been focused on some of the Utopian avant-grade ideas. There has been a discussion of the impact on the Utopian ideas on society, rational thinking and spiritual designs. The research paper gives the clear reflection of the Utopain vision in terms of arts and designs.


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