assignment first:餐饮行业服务质量管理案例


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assignment first:餐饮行业服务质量管理案例



作为麦当劳的主要竞争对手,星巴克采用了改进的、精确的服务交付系统技术。咖啡厅的无生命技术部分是公司不断发展到绩效服务质量管理的技术。在其他方面,汉堡王试图通过开展一些客户关系项目,并通过适当使用营销组合,尤其是促销技巧来教育顾客。另一方面,赛百味作为最大的餐饮连锁企业,始终监控着公司及其员工的绩效,并通过优先考虑能力、努力、一致性和降低组织成本,将记录与信息系统集成。在Wendy ‘s的案例中,管理者更注重客户友好的服务和快捷的服务,从而达到客户满意的最佳水平,这是基于Morgan关于提高服务质量以满足客人需求的模型。所以,麦当劳应该把重点放在监控技术和及时提供相关服务的改进上,让顾客感受到比竞争对手更好的新体验。


餐饮企业只有从满意的顾客那里才能获得更大的成功和利润。因此,100%的客户满意度是大多数知名组织的主要目标(Lusch & Vargo, 2014)。顾客满意的测量也可以被理解为顾客行为方法的测量过程。许多顶级食品企业利用这些测量工具来测量消费者在接受服务后的满意度。

assignment first:餐饮行业服务质量管理案例

Cordial as well as friendly service details

According to Bolman and Deal, the customers while receiving different hospitality services from the staffs want certain traits from the service persons. They want the staffs to be good and friendly. So, the policies of the companies should be formulated in a way that it eliminates the options of tiredness, tension, cold, stiffness and anger from the equation to manage the expectation level by goodwill and friendliness.

Starbucks, the main competitor of McDonalds follows the technique of improved and accurate service delivery system. The inanimate technology part of the café comes under the technique which the company continuously develops to performance service quality management. Among others, Burger King tries to educate its customers by the conducting some customer relationship programs and via proper use of marketing mixes especially the promotion techniques. On the other hand, Subway being the largest restaurant chain always monitors the performance of the company and its employees and keeps records integrated with the information systems by prioritising the capabilities, efforts, consistency and reducing the costs of the organisation. In case of Wendy’s, the managers are more included towards customer-friendly services as well as prompt services so that optimum level of customer satisfaction can be achieved which is based on the model of Morgan about increasing service quality improvement that fits the needs of the guests. So, McDonalds should mainly focus on the monitoring techniques and timely delivery of services related improvements so that the customers will feel a new experience that will be better than that of the competitors.

Measurement tools to measure customer satisfaction

A food and beverage business can obtain greater level of success as well as profits only from satisfied customers. Therefore, 100% customer satisfaction is the main aim of most of the prominent organisations (Lusch & Vargo, 2014). The measurement of customer satisfaction can also be perceived as a measuring process of the customer behavioural approaches. Many top food businesses utilize these measurement tools to measure the satisfaction level of the consumers after receiving the services.