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The Dromoland Castle is a 5 star hotel and it is one of the most luxurious of its kind in Ireland. The guests, who visit there are highly rich and also include many VIPs. Hence, it is essential for them to serve only the top quality wines from the best brands of the world.

The restaurant represents the wine in a user friendly manner, where it is possible for all guests to understand it very easily. This is the best sale techniques that are used effectively. Nevertheless, the sommeliers also help the guests for choosing wine that is best with their food and also sometimes try to upsell.
Staffing within the wine department i.e. dedicated wine staff?
As wine is one of the most important parts of the hotel, stuffs working in this department are dedicated. The recruiter of the wine department uses a very efficient system to recruit the best candidates, who have good knowledge regarding wine.
18) Training of staff on wines or wine service
The training to the staffs is done in practical basis by making each individual start their work with simple jobs like collection of beverages from the bar. They are given the wine list to get accustomed with it. As the workers gain confidence with time and experience, they are allowed to suggest wine for the guests.
Standard of furniture, carpets, crockery, cutlery
In the restaurant there are assigned duties for each staff. Besides the duties of the waiters the staffs also ensure that carpets are hovered, chairs are brushed and the fireplace and wood furnitures are polished properly. The crockery also requires proper cleaning. There are also night porters, who ensure all the tasks are accomplished at the end of each day.
Standard of lighting/candles
The breakfast and afternoon tea can be done under the natural sunlight. In winter, when there is no natural light available, Waterford chandeliers are used. These are soften down during the dinner time. Candles are used in small tables and in bigger tables tea lights are used. It is also important to clean regularly the candle holders and fireplace.


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