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本文主要講的是匯款,匯款是個人家庭收入的重要來源。 2014年,向發展中國家的匯款為4360億美元,官方發展援助數字為這一數字的三分之一。其中很大一部分資金流入了印度和中國等亞洲大國。然而,它只貢獻了GDP的一小部分,而像尼泊爾、塔吉克斯坦和摩爾多瓦這樣經濟規模較小的國家,它只佔GDP的25%。 , Zlate, A., 2012)。本篇essay 代寫文章由英國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Remittances are the important source of income for the individual’s households. In 2014, remittances to developing countries stood at US $436 billion and official development assistance figuresstood at one-third of this amount. A significant share of these flows is received by large Asian countries like India and China. However, it contributes a small percent towards their GDP while for countries like Nepal, Tajikistan and Moldova which have smaller economies, it amounts 25 percent of GDP (Mandelman, F., and Zlate, A., 2012).
For poorer household remittances acts a major source of income. Thus it stimulates growth of the economic and human development. In recent studies, it has been concluded that rise in remittances leads to decrease in the total percentage of people living in poor conditions. It also leads to increase in education and health spending in comparison to consumption. From recent studies, it was concluded that households receiving remittances invest more in education than their counterpart (Ratha, 2014). In few studies, it was also shown that school attendance of girls has increased and infant mortality rate is decreased.
Macroeconomic implications of remittances are also brought to attention in recent studies. Remittances also check the economic conditions prevailing in the source countries in a cyclical fashion. Thus they stabilize and allow anincreased consumption. A reduction in consumption, investment fluctuations and aggregate output thereby positively affected the total credit ratings, which were also concluded in various studies. By virtue of increased domestic savings, easy credit constraints and rising financial intermediations contribution to financial development has increased over the years. However, economic fluctuations and remittances are highly correlated in recipient countries and constitute a strong spill over medium. It is also evident that a large and continuous remittances flow can expand or contract the tradable sector (Mayda, A.M., 2010).
Migrants not only invest through financial investment channels, including foreign direct investment, virtual and actual skills transfers by the migrants are the other forms of investments made to develop the source countries, as through temporary or permanent return (Mishra, P., 2014).

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