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本文主要講述技術的價值,技術的內在價值是發明創造,變化是技術的屬性。這使得技術的採用成為一個不可否認的過程,需要得到承認,並將其用作公司形象的增強劑。隨著電子產品(包括手機)技術的迅速發展和變化,其影響可能遠遠超出經濟效益。從社會的角度來看,人們可能會接受技術,但類似產品的滿意度可能會達到飽和點;從環境的角度來看,以令人難以置信的速度生產電子垃圾可能是危險的。這些變化對整個行業的發展是有害的。本篇essay 代寫文章由英國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Technology is inventive in its inherent value and change is its property. This makes the adoption of technology an undeniable process and needs to be acknowledged and used as an enhancer of company image. With the changing and rapidly adopting technology in electronic goods including mobile phones, the implications can be much more than economical. Socially, technology may be embraced but there may be a saturation point of satisfaction from similar products, and environmentally it may be dangerous for producing electronic waste at an unbelievable pace. These changes can be detrimental for the growth of the industry in general.
Regulations will see a good change as it has desired to improve the market through imposing regulations by statute that disallows formation of dominant forces in the market. There may be serious implications of the industry consolidating into one and regulations getting tighter and restrictive. With the sole intention of favouring the end user, the regulations will be seen to get more quality promoting, and will seriously penalise poor quality products and services.
Vodafone is in a market which has little competition and survival is more dependent on the ability to differentiate consistently from its rivals and always align all strategic decisions with customer demands and orient it according to their changing demand. By staying with the customer, it will be able to make itself more friendly and approachable by customers and this is an immense opportunity to keep the brand value high. Changing customer perception comes with innovative actions and providing surprising products and services, hence it is recommended highly to be focused on investments into research and development and bring in new technologies which are non-existent in New Zealand which will allow it to capitalise on being the first one to introduce the product.

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