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studied the effect of consumer attitudes toward visual food packaging on perceived product quality, product value and brand preference. The results indicated that visuals on the product package help customers in developing perceptions towards the quality of the product and perceived value of the product that in turn coverts into brand preference. Some more dimensions have also been studied in different researches that effect purchase intention such as enjoyment value, character competency value, and visual authority value, monetary value. Many researchers have proved that perceived value dimensions such as social value, emotional value and functional value etc. effect purchase intentions of products. In case of online purchase limited time promotional offers emotional value lead to higher purchase intentions Lifang. Napoli et al (2014) whereas in case of food products impact of social value, perceived quality, perceived price is higher and no effect of emotional value was found on purchase intention. All these aspects are significant in situating the impact of trust on purchase intentions. Trust and its impact on purchase intention does not happen in vacuum and the necessary significance has to be given to variables such as product knowledge, customer knowledge, product design, packaging etc.

Organizations are spending huge money in hiring a celebrity endorser in their products advertisements for increasing sales of their products. Customers follow their favourite celebrities in product purchase decisions. Specifically, in teenagers, it has been identified that purchase intention towards celebrity endorsed products is higher (Lu et al., 2014). Habibi et al (2012) revealed that advertisements having celebrities were more affective compared to non-celebrity advertisements. Some organizations use animated spokesperson in their advertisement rather celebrities and researches have proved that purchase intention towards celebrity endorsed product is higher compared to animated spokespersons ((Habibi et al., 2012).


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