在这篇研究文章中使用的所有分析都试图解释雌激素的影响是如何导致乳腺癌的。为了分析雌激素治疗乳腺癌的影响,Campbell和Cummins的研究采用了初步的研究方法。其中一个例子是1935年Burrows继续用雌激素治疗的雄性老鼠身上发生的乳腺癌。在这方面,已经对雄性老鼠进行了雌激素补充剂的研究。使用了诸如Bumpus Review之类的评论文章。在Bumpus所做的综述中,可以看到研究者使用了超过1000个案例分析,并呈现了研究结果。这更像是一篇评论文章。

要了解什么构成了一项主要研究,加德纳,w史密斯,通用艾伦(Allen), E.斯特朗(Strong), L.C.,1936年。雄性小鼠接受雌激素诱导的乳腺癌的研究如下。




Analysis of the references

All of the analysis that has been used in this research articles tries to decipher how the impact of the estrogen causes breast cancer. To analyze how the impact of estrogen treatment casus breast cancer, primary research had been used in the works of Campbell and Cummins. One such example is the Carcinoma mammae occurring in a male mouse under continued treatment with oestrin by Burrows, 1935. In this, there has been research undertaken on the male mouse with estrogen supplements. Review articles such as Bumpus review have been used. In the review done by Bumpus, it can be seen that the researcher has used more than 1000 case study analysis and presented the findings of the researches. This is more like a review articles.

To understand about what constitutes a primary research, Gardner, W.U., Smith, G.M., Allen, E. and Strong, L.C., 1936. Cancer of the mammary glands induced in male mice receiving estrogenic hormone has been probed in the following.

Analysis of one primary reference

In this primary research, definitive abstract, data collection methods, data analysis and conclusions are drawn about the findings. There is explanation of the sample size, reasons for choosing the particular sample and the specific question that has been answered is documented. The findings are only about the particular research impact. In the research by Gardner et al, mammary tumors that arise in six male mice from the A strain that has been treated with Keto-estrin Benzoate a form of estrogen has been analysed. This Keto-estrin Benzoate was administered through injection for a specific period. There was abnormal growth that was found owing to this administration in majority of the sample. Owing to this, the research states that there is some validity to the claim that, by administering estrogen therapy, there can be formation of other types of cancer. This research was undertaken in the year 1936. This finding has been used in the review article of Campbell and Cummins. They are using these findings to understand the impact of estrogen therapy for men who have prostrate cancer.