personal statement 代写:麦当劳的绩效运营


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personal statement 代写:麦当劳的绩效运营

在麦当劳,绩效的运营一致性集中在以下方面(Aguinis et al. 2011)。







personal statement 代写:麦当劳的绩效运营

At McDonalds, the operational alignment of performance focuses on the following (Aguinis et al. 2011).

A clear combination of KPIs in alignment with yearly strategic initiatives have to be defined by the top level management serving as an initial point to define goals passed down across the lower management.

Specific guideline to cascade goal that include methods to outline a precise number of goal criteria, goal categories and number of goals.

Support of coaching to focus on the crucially few that include guideline to ensure that goals are aligned and relevant with significant areas of individual contribution to the entire organization.

Discussion for refining goals to be in alignment with individual preferences and needs that include tailoring actions and plans for fulfilment of goals in providing clear actions and plans that can be realistically owned and completed by individual performers.

Dialogues for refining and updating goals and to accompany actions for their fulfilment, while ensuring that inevitable changes and initial plans are calibrated in tactics and direction for completion of goal.

Strategic alignment approach is a reciprocal combination of interactions with fully communicated, transparent updates on strategies of business and related changes in objectives and goals. This approach is more frequently cascaded with upward and open communication related to opportunities and problems for improvement of performance. The acknowledgment of these facts has to be done by the top level management (Kaplan and Norton, 2001). This loop of feedback is among the most significant attributes of successful systems of performance management.