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本文中心内容讲的是自信,自信很重要,因为自信的人有很强的自尊心。因此,为了建立我内心的自尊,它需要改进。然而,我认为我天生有点被动。大多数时候,即使我不愿意对别人的提议说“是”,我也会屈服于自己的这种被动本性。它有时会损害我自己的工作,造成我的个人生活和职业生活之间的不平衡。我想提高自己的这些特质。本篇personal statement 代写文章由英国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Assertiveness is important because people having high assertiveness have high self-esteem. Thus, for building the self-esteem within me, it needs to be improved. I however think that I am little passive by nature. Most of the time, even if I am not willing to say “yes” to someone’s proposal, I give in due to this very passive nature of mine. It at times harms my own work and creates an imbalance between my personal and professional life. I want to improve these particular characteristics within myself because of the following few reasons:
Along with improving my self-esteem, it would help me to feel that I am more in a control of a particular situation.
It is useful for the purpose of conflict management that could arise at any point of the time (Alberti and Emmons, 2017).
I may not have what I want from my assertive behaviour but I would at least have this feeling that I have tried and have not gained. It is something that would actually bestow me with a sense of responsibility.
According to Mark Twain, there are two types of people, namely, one who gets nervous during public speaking and the liar. On the other hand, Jerry Seinfeld is of the opinion that “The number-one fear in life is public speaking, and the number-two fear is death” (North, North and Coble, 2015). Thus, it can be said that if someone has to face the audience during the time of presentation, he/she will feel nervous and it is something that is quite obvious and true for everyone. Everyone experiences public speaking at least once in a life-time. Thus, I think that I have to develop this public speaking skill in order to communicate properly with my audience. I am not a confident speaker and I lack the quality of convincing people.
According to critics, there are two most important things that one should remember about public speaking and those are:
The oral content, which includes those things that would be said to the audiences in the public meeting.
Non-verbal communication is another important component of public-speaking. It would include the body language of the speaker. Thus, it includes the gestures and the body language of the speaker (DeVito, 2016).


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