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图1:不列颠哥伦比亚省南部西海岸水深(Romine et al . 2013, 149)

已经观察到,在新月海滩附近有很大一部分区域是高度易受侵蚀的(Taylor et al. 1998)。由于该地区侵蚀程度较高,波浪侵蚀的增加可能导致岸线侵蚀加速程度较高。除此之外,由于侵蚀,更多的地区正遭受洪水的侵袭。研究发现,海平面上升对弗雷泽河三角洲沿岸洪泛区的影响最大。



The issue of rise in sea level can be marked down to the times when there was an emergence of global climate change in and around 1980. In the recent times, the large number of reports and publications which demonstrate the large potential of the rise in the level of sea. The concentration of the people and their assets including many of the major cities and coasts in the nations of the world makes them more and more hazardous regions. In the coming decades there has been a rise in the level of sea in the area of Crescent beach. The geomorphic impact of the rise of sea level is important is something which has been mainly assessed in the discussion. In addition to this, it has been found that the sea level in the present times has been reached to such a level that there is a serious concern for the people. Further there will be assessment of the economic impact and social impact around the Crescent beach. It has been found that the sea level rise will have geomorphic impact on the soil.

Figure 1: Bathymetry Depth for West Coast of Southern British Columbia (Romine et al 2013, 149)

It has been observed that there are large sections of regions which are near the Crescent beach are under high susceptibility to erosion (Taylor et al. 1998). Because of the high levels of erosion in the area, there may be high level of acceleration in the shoreline erosion as a result of the increase in the wave attack. In addition to this, because of the erosion more areas are getting exposed to flooding. It has been found that the impact of the rise in sea level will be the most around the coastal floodplains of Fraser River Delta.

In addition to this, there is a redistribution of sediments along the coasts. It can be harmful in the long term as it will lead to the migration of land. Also, because of the redistribution of sediments, there may be changes in the fixed structures and vegetation. Further there may be a condition in which there may be coastal squeeze. Also it will lead to the storms of higher intensity. At present the winter storms are effective enough to impact the life in these regions.