众筹作为一种新兴的产业平台,对显著分享经济增长负有逐渐的责任。截至2012年,在众筹的帮助下,已经筹集到14.41亿美元用于创业融资、消费信贷或支持其他额外活动(Dissanayake et al., 2015)。

众筹是指以指定为目的的融资机制,如商业冒险或文化项目。Crowd被认为是一个概念,指的是可以归属于许多人的资金来源,每个人都以较小的价值进行订阅。尽管这种模式在当地慈善捐款或政治活动中发现的人群特征并不能被认为是一种新的模式,但众筹的根本基础在于利用大众可访问的、无国界的互联网。这种现代技术形式为克服决定地理距离的因素提供了援助,进一步促进公众参与一项由一个偏远地区的个人提供资金的具体建议。功效与集资”导致了促使全球集资”平台基于web的发展创造一个潜在贡献者和筹款活动之间的联系,包括2012年在阿根廷,Afluenta FundedByMe 2011年在瑞典,2009年Kickstarter美国Auxmoney 2007年在德国,唐宁在2006年在中国,和Zopa英国在2005年。



Crowd funding is introduced as a structure of financing for the motive of designation, same as a cultural project or a business adventure. Crowd is being recognized as the perception to specify the finance source that can be associated to many people, every one of them creating subscription in limited values. Although the consideration of this mode cannot be new with respect to the crowd’s feature to be found in politics campaigns or regional donations of charity, the major base of crowd funding lays upon take advantage of famous accessible and internet of borderless territorially. The latest system of technology gives assistance for surviving the element determining geographical gap, in addition to earlier promoting participation of people within a limited scheme of funding from every single person covering a distant location. The capability related to funding of crowd has occurred in prompting universal developments of platforms of crowd funding depend on network for building a connection between fundraisers and potential contributors.

As a new industrial platform, crowdfunding holds a gradual accountability for sharing the growth of economy significantly. Until the year 2012, with the help of crowdfunding, 1.441 billion dollars have been raised for financing start-ups, functioning as credit of consumer or supporting other additional activities (Dissanayake et al., 2015).

Crowdfunding is referred to as a mechanism of financing for the purpose of designation, like a business adventure or a cultural project. Crowd is considered as the concept indicating the source of finance that can be attributed to a number of people, each making subscription in small values. Even though this mode cannot be considered new with respect to the feature of crowd to be found in local donations of charity or campaigns of politics, the fundamental base of crowdfunding lays upon utilizing popularly accessible and territorially borderless internet. This modern form of technology provides assistance for overcoming the factor determining geographical distance, further ahead facilitating participation of public within a specific proposal of funding from an individual covering a remote location. The efficacy related to crowdfunding has resulted in prompting global developments of crowdfunding platforms based on web for creating a connection between potential contributors and fundraisers that include Afluenta in 2012 in Argentina, FundedByMe in 2011 in Sweden, Kickstarter in 2009 in USA, Auxmoney in 2007 in Germany, Creditease in 2006 in China, and Zopa in 2005 in UK.

Hence, the aim of this research is to research the feasibility of crowdfunding in Hong Kong. For the purpose of this research, there will be collection of secondary data.