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Gradually, Jefferies knows that there is a murder case going to happen. Most of the scenes are shoot in Jefferies’ bedroom, and most of these scenes are the POV shot of Jefferies. Doubtlessly, Jefferies is a man with scopophilia. Psycho reflects that scopophilia is the basic drive that all children are born with. It shows that Norman’s unusual childhood is the source of the scopophilia in Norman’s psyche. However, in Rear Window, the film puts more emphasis on reflecting scopophilia in normal aspect. It is a normal and basic drive in human’s growing process.
After the growth stage, scopophilia becomes a more legal or artistic drive. It does not disappear but is hidden in human’s psyche, and probably in the unconscious. Like Jefferies, he is a normal person in society, but in a certain situation he becomes a person with scopophilia. Not just Jefferies, people all have scopophilia, while they cannot recognize this basic drive or they just imprison it in a legal range in most of the times. In the film, the location of the camera is the location of the audiences. When the figure are prying, all the audiences are in the position of spying. In Rear Window, Jefferies is spying other people through the window, so all the audiences are spying the neighbors while Jefferies is spying through the window either. In Rear Window, Hitchcock makes an analogy between the prying and watching film. Actually, the action of watching film is just like the metaphor of a sort of prying. The person called Jefferies who sits in the window is equal to the audience who is watching the film in the cinema. Watching film is prying other people’s life through the shot.
Psychoanalysis consists of a range of theories, most of which are about human subjectivity, sexuality and the unconscious. Many of the key concepts are developed and revised by Sigmund Freud. The central theory of the Freudian is unconscious. Freud proposed three concepts: conscious, preconscious, and unconscious to analysis the human thoughts. Based on the unconscious theory, Freud proposed other three concepts to be the structural model of psyche: Id, ego and super-ego. Psychosexual development is the other basic theory in Freudian theory. Penetrating into this theory, it comes to the Oedipus complex and scopophilia. Freudian psychoanalysis is reflected in films frequently. Especially in Hitchcock’s film, there are a lot of classic scenes and stories which can be the symbols of Freudian theories. Like the films Psycho and Rear Window, the film narratives reflect a lot of Freudian theories, such as the three structural model of psyche, the Oedipus complex and the scopophilia. All in all, audiences can use the Freudian theory to analyze the film narratives, and they can also learn the Freudian theories through understanding the film narratives. The film is a way to reflect the psychological theories. In the mean time, the film is also a way to reflect all the audiences’ psychological states.


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