Centrifugal pumps are widely used in the industry. It employs centrifugal motion to transfer liquid from one place to the other. Most of water supply systems use this kind of pumps as well. This chapter will give some basic introduction of centrifugal pumps.When a specific flow rate is selected for a system, pipeline resistance curve shows the relationship between head and flow rate with a certain discharge valve opening.
Pipeline resistance characteristic identifies the total head that must be overcome due to water level and pressure difference and the resistance of liquid flow in the pipeline. Pipeline resistance characteristic depends on length of pipe, size of pipe, etc. As shown in Figure 2, a flow rate increase will lead to a head increase. Changing the discharge valve opening will change the water supply capacity under a certain head. Therefore, pipeline resistance characteristic reflects the relationship between the Head and flow rate of water supply.
The intersection point (A) of the two curves is natural working point. Point A satisfies both the head characteristic and the pipeline resistance characteristic. That is that the water supply and the water demand are same. Pump pressure matches system losses. The water supply system runs in steady state.There are six major parts in a centrifugal pump. They are seal, shaft, casing, impeller, bearing and coupling.
Seal can be pack rings or mechanical seal which prevents water leakage and air getting in to keep internal vacuum of the case.
Shaft connects a motor via a coupling. It transmit the output torque of the motor to the impeller during operation.
Casing, housing the internal parts and mounting the pump body, acts as a pressure containment vessel. Water is absorbed into the case and accelerated to a high velocity.
Impeller, the core part of a centrifugal pump, revolves at high speed and develops centrifugal force to increases water pressure.
Bearings, supporting the weight of the shaft assembly and aligning the pump shaft to the motor shaft.
Coupling, connecting the pump shaft and the motor shaft, transmits the motor output torque to the impeller.










本文讲的是政客和经济学家的利益偏见,政治因素和经济学家对这个项目表现出极大的兴趣,他们只关注自己的优势,而不是考虑社会福利和环境的可持续性(Zivet al, 2012)。政客和经济学家的这种偏见利益,正使冲突变得更加严重。评估湄公河水电项目的经济潜力、对周边走廊的经济影响和区域发展具有重要意义。该项目可能对某些政治团体有利,但也可能对其他团体产生不利影响。因此,不同的政府对这个项目有不同的立场。然而,我们有必要仅仅关注人们的福利和可持续的生态系统来研究这个问题。本篇代写论文价格文章由英国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The political elements and economists are showing vibrant interest in the project focusing their mere advantages rather than considering welfare of society and sustainability of environment (Zivet al, 2012). This biased interest of politicians and economists is making the conflict much worsen. It is important to evaluate economic potential of the Mekong River hydropower project, its economic effects on the neighbouring corridors, and regional development. The project might be beneficial for certain political groups while it may affect adversely to others. Therefore varying governments have varying stance on this project. However, it is necessary to look into the matter with mere concern about people’s welfare and sustainable ecosystem.
There is a region in South China Sea which has been under a grand dispute among many countries. The ownership and sovereignty of that sea region is claimed by Malaysia, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. As a number of countries are involved in this dispute, it has become major concern internationally (Arsana, 2014; Barlow, 2010). On international platform, the issue of ownership of this portion is affecting the unity and political relations of various other countries (Buszynski, 2003). Moreover, this dispute is likely to weaken the power of ASEAN as its members do not unite on a platform themselves (Fravel, 2011).
The above discussed conflicts are creating massive political and economic turbulence in Southeast Asia and consequently affecting international economy and relations with other countries. Association of Southeast Asian Nations is responsible to resolve these conflicts and maintain peace and stability in the region. according to Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC), ASEAN is responsible for the following acts within the region (TAC, 1976):
Mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity, and national identity of all nations;
The right of every State to lead its national existence free from external interference, subversion or coercion;
Non-interference in the internal affairs of one another;
Settlement of differences or disputes by peaceful manner;
Renunciation of the threat or use of force; and
Effective cooperation among themselves.



本篇文章主要讲艺术家方式改变的原因,保罗·兰德准备了大量的肖像、绘画和雕塑作品来展示他的思想。根据Fred(2006)的说法,Paul Rand采用的宣言是综合主义。心理合成主义被认为是一种特殊的艺术哲学,它揭示了个人的观点,也表达了与艺术运动相关的优势。保罗·兰德捕捉到了人们的情感和兴趣。他开发的一些产品包括IBM的海报、早期的广告设计和西屋电气的标识。本篇ps代写文章由英国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Paul Rand had prepared a wide range of portraits, paintings and sculptures that demonstrated his ideas. The manifesto that Paul Rand adopted was synthesism according to Fred (2006). Psychosynthesism is regarded as a specific philosophy of art that exposes the personal views and also expresses the advantages that associate with the art movement. Paul Rand has captured the emotions of people as well as their interests. Some of them he developed included those in IBM posters, early advertisement designs and Westinghouse sign.
It has a close relationship to the business model practiced. Additionally, it is in line with his manifesto because it gives a complete combination of technical knowledge as well as intuition that has eventually brought out the perfect design for the business.Modernism was also visible in his designs. According to Sarah (2014), the powerful symbolism had showed the presence of disquieting atmosphere. The above logo is for Yale Company and it had tried to give connections on various thoughts and design theories including impressionism and pop art. It had a slight touch of modernism in it. By this way, he also tried to show his manifesto on creative thinking and that good design is all that is required. The approach of artist changed over time due to the following reasons:
The expectations and level of understanding of people increased over a period of time
As most of his artworks are from personal viewpoints, he made it simple and even clearer as days passed by
More expressions were added to the output as such kind of arts reached people instantly
Designs were chosen by Paul Rand to create because some had business awareness impacts and significances. Some designs are solid forms of arts that can exist for a longer run. This is feasible only if such historical forms are placed in a museum or in public place where people can understand its significance
Paul Rand has tried his hands on varied forms of arts and he was also regarded as the artist of metaphysical. His science fiction cover art was very much conversational, influential and historical by nature. His works had high influences as they had clear landscapes suiting the urban setting and used darker state with shadowed spaces to depict the scenario. His artworks tend to depict liminality, most of the times according to Lucie (1972).




While designing an intelligent teaching system for the student’s certain fundamental factors needs to be considered. Dunlosky et al. (2013) state that the learning conditions, student ability, material availability and the criterion tasks are important factors that enable in the learning of the students. Educational context is to be based on the need of the students. Improvement in implementation and overall assessment of the students as well as individual assessment is necessary. These factors raise the complexity of understanding the learning outcomes and the academic performance of the students. Some of the intelligent tutoring systems for the students in the rural communities have been elucidated in the following.
In the current world, technology development is ubiquitous. It has become imperative for the educational institutions to embrace the newer technology. However, it is not possible because of the need for economic resources to develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems. In this process the students and the educational institutions need to have the basic computational skills, hardware resources, the cost of the data, infrastructure of the Internet and lexical abilities (Nye, 2015). There are differences and similarities that are observed between these nations. It is important to develop an intelligent tutoring system that is found to be fundamentally useful to the people across the nations. In this process it is imperative for the educational institutions to have culturally sensitive technology. It is important to have a global outreach and a local outreach to instill in the students the fundamental concepts (Nye, 2015). Adopting a homogenous approach in the teaching modules will not benefit the intelligent tutoring system use. There must be a nuanced approach that enables the people to learn about the subject based on their individual cultural context. The research by Nye (2015) states that there should be more researches done in this process to develop the heuristics of the teaching module.



本篇文章講的是服裝對於歌舞的重要作用,在許多舞蹈視頻中,韓國服裝色彩斑斕,充滿活力。在一些歌曲中,如Davichi的“don ‘t say goodbye”,有一種獨特的風格憂鬱的顏色。服裝是根據歌曲的整體主題和主題來穿的。在4分鐘的歌曲《恨》中,服裝是根據主人公不同的情感穿著的。對這些歌曲的分析表明,為歌曲選擇合適的服裝是很重要的。這在這首歌的整個過程中都很明顯。除此之外,還有很多因素使得服裝對這首歌很重要。服裝的結構能引起觀眾的興趣。有許多因素幫助歌曲的整體主題和服裝發揮了重要作用,在這方面的努力。本篇代寫essay文章由英國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Korean costumes are colorful and vibrant in many of the dance videos. In some songs such as “don’t say goodbye” by Davichi, there is a distinctive style of somber colors. Costumes are worn based on the overall theme and motif of the songs. In the song “hate” by 4 Minute, the costumes are worn in accordance with the different emotions felt by the protagonist. Analysis of these songs shows it is important to essay the right costumes for the songs. This is clearly seen along the course of the song. Apart from this there are a lot of factors that make costumes important for the song. The costumes are structured in a way that it creates interest in the minds of the audience. There are numerous factors that aid to the overall theme of the song and costumes play an important role in this endeavor. (Arvidsson, 2015)
On analysis of the “Red” by Hyuna there is a definitive explanation of the colors and props. The color red in itself means that there is strong strength, boldness and sexuality. In the end of the song all the dancers and actors are made to wear red attire. This shows that the people can be as bold as they want in societies. It is symbolization for sexuality. Hence, the colors and props in the song resonate with the overall narrative theme of boldness and sexuality.
Props are essential in any music video. It is especially very important in Korean video. It has been found that they use props to elucidate a number of views. To explain about the importance of props and symbolization in Korean videos, analysis of the song EXID “up and down” has been done. Basic lyrics of the song state the ups and downs of a relationship. This song is maneuvered with colors and insinuations. In the first few shots, there is fruit, fish and Barbie dolls that have been cut and joined with strange combination (Arvidsson, 2015). The viewer should understand that it means that in relationship certain, people fit like the strange combinations in the video. In the first prop, the avocados are paired with a Barbie head. Apart from this, a fish tail has been attached to the torso of Barbie. There are slinky prints which is a jarring image. These prints tie the feline print-wearing magicians who are dexterously playing with many objects together.


本文主要內容是日產的組合採購方式,這是模型的總體框架。在模型的實際功能中涉及到許多複雜性。在第一階段,日產根據材料的可用性、價格和功能對產品進行分類。在第二階段,尼桑利用波特斯五力分析等車型,利用自己的地位、品牌形象來談判產品的議價能力(Waters & Rinsler, 2014)。它與許多公司建立了戰略聯盟,並成為市場上的一個重要參與者。這有助於產品的品牌定位。利用這些方面,日產製定了一個戰略行動計劃,包括與供應商的有效關係,並大大提高了產品質量。這幫助日產重新定位其供應商管理實踐,使自己成為一個強大的市場。本篇代寫論文費用文章由英國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

This is an overall framework of the model. There are a lot of complexities involved in the actual functioning of the model. In the first stage, Nissan classified the product range based on availability, pricing and functionality of the material. In the second phase, using models like Porters five force analysis, Nissan used its position, brand image to negotiate bargaining power of the products (Waters & Rinsler, 2014). It formed a number of strategic alliances with a number of corporations and emerged as a big player in the markets. This helped in brand positioning of the product. Using these aspects, Nissan developed a strategic action plan that encompassed effective relationship with the suppliers and leveraged the product quality significantly. This helped Nissan establish itself as a strong market by reorienting its supplier management practices.
Earlier supplier involvement is discussed in the Dowlatshahi Conceptual framework. In this model, the suppliers are made aware of the product development during design phase of the product itself. This enables the suppliers to be more connected and more aware of the requirements of the company. This improves the relationship between the buyer and seller (Dowlatshahi, 1998.). Potential issues can be tackled prior to the actual event. This is a risk management approach that primarily tackles many of the issues. By involving the suppliers at an early stage, Nissan was able to reduce the late engineering design changes compared to its competitors like Toyota.
Nissan policy regarding its suppliers is very flexible and this has enabled them to grow in all of the metrics significantly. Nissan was able to outsource easily when compared to its counterparts owing to its early supplier involvement (Waters & Rinsler, 2014).There are a number of benefits that the company has garnered owing to this policy.
One of the most obvious and rudimentary assessments of performance of supply chain is the return generation and brand equity garnered by a company. Nissan was able to generate profits and emerge as a strong player in the markets. Root cause analysis enables Nissan to identify any potential issues that it has with its suppliers (Waters & Rinsler, 2014). Risk management matrix is a tool that can effectively identify the likelihood of an issue occurring. Cause and effect analysis and risk control matrix would enable a company to develop resolutions for plausible issues that might occur in future.



对任何组织的投资都被认为是一个重要的步骤,需要对财务报表进行彻底的分析。通过财务比率,帮助用户对关键业务风险有一个清晰准确的认识(Weil, 2017)。在给定的乔·道尔案例中,伍尔沃斯资产负债分析公司将有助于阐明包括该公司使用的成本评估模型在内的关键领域。它反映资产和负债以及无形资产,从而帮助客户对投资做出有效的决策。


资产是财务报表资产负债表中分析的最重要的方面,从而帮助用户计算流动比率和速动比率以及负债率。它有助于确定公司是否有能力通过可用资产支付其短期和当前债务。公司使用成本模型来确定财产、设备和工厂的价值(Berk & DeMarzo, 2017)。成本模型和重估模型都是在企业需要选择这两种成本模型中的任何一种作为会计政策的规则下进行的,并且将该政策应用于整个物业、厂房和设备是非常必要的。





成本被认为是一个历史数字,并不意味着要修改。另一方面,企业需要计算资产的折旧。选择最合适的折旧方法是采用直线法,因为直线法被认为是做出有效决策和确定政策的重要因素(Britton & Waterston, 2013)。


Investment in any organization is considered as a vital step which is required a thorough analysis of the financial statement. It helps the user to get a clear and precise idea about the key business risk which is obtained from the financial ratio (Weil, 2017). In the given case of Joe Doyle, the company Woolworth asset and liability analysis will help to throw light on the key areas which include the cost valuation model utilized by the company. It reflects the asset and liability and the intangible assets and thus help the client to take an effective decision regarding the investment.

Analysis Cost model and revaluation model

The asset is the most important aspect which is analysed in the financial report balance sheet and thus helps the user to calculate the current ratio and quick ratio along with debt ratio. It helps to determine the company ability pay its short term and current obligation by the available asset. The company uses a cost model to determine the value of the property, equipment, and plants (Berk & DeMarzo, 2017). The cost model and revaluation model are under the rules that a business firm needs to select either of the two cost models as its accounting policy, and it is essential to put the policy on the entire property, plant, and equipment.

Cost model

When a business implements cost, the property and plant, equipment is levied at its cost less following accumulated depreciation and impairment losses.


Carrying Amount (cost model) = Cost – Accumulated Depreciation – Accumulated impairment losses

The cost is considered to be a historical figure and does not imply to modify. On the other hand, the business firms required to calculate the depreciation on the asset. The selection of the most suitable depreciation method is implemented as the straight line method is considered as an important matter in taking an effective decision and the firm policy (Britton & Waterston, 2013).





空间和身份是密不可分的。在这一语境中,身份是指人们所持有的个人主义和集体观念。它们是一种有趣的动态,可以从对空间和身份的分析中理解(Gupta, & Ferguson, 1992)。人们对与太空有关的身份越来越感兴趣。要理解一个特定的空间,需要考虑许多不同的变量(Hetherington, 1996.)。从社会学的角度来看,一个地方的表征或象征依赖于断裂、断裂和分离的图像(Gupta & Ferguson, 1992)。每一个空间都是一种特定文化的反映,是人们集体主义观念的体现。除此之外,特定文化的社会谱系也受到影响,反映在社会中的每个空间中(Bale和Philo, 2002)。地点与身份之间的特定关系可以影响社会的一致性、文化以及空间的政治意识形态(Charlton et al., 2011)。感觉与这个空间有联系的人会觉得自己是局内人。这个空间给人一种归属感。有趣的是,当移民来到一个新的国家,他们试图在新的空间之间建立联系,以发展自己的身份(Keith, & Pile, 2004)。由此可以理解,空间的身份是基于空间中人们的社会认同和文化实践(Massey, 1997)。因此,个体对空间的认同是基于社会中人们对理想的集体认知。


To summarize sex refers to the anatomy of a person. Gender refers to the perception of the particular sex in the societies. In the societies, there is stereotyping of the gender. This plays an important role in understanding about the gender. The collectivistic notions of these identities of sex and gender are based on the populist influencers of the society. Some of these faulty interpretations causes the people to stereotype gender and conform against the transgender in the communities. This can be rectified by providing the students with the proper teaching aids. The roots of this perception are because of the conflict in opinion between the post modernist views and social liberalism views. These issues must first be rectified in order to promote egalitarianism in the society.

Space and Identity

Space and identities are inextricably bound together. In this context identity refers to both the individualistic and collective perception held by the people. They are an interesting dynamic that can be understood from analysis of space and identity (Gupta, & Ferguson, 1992). There has been a growing interest among the people regarding space related identities. To comprehend about a particular space there are a number of different variables that should be considered (Hetherington, 1996.). From a sociological perspective the representation or symbolization of a place is dependent on the images of break, rupture and disjunction (Gupta & Ferguson, 1992). Each space is a reflection of a particular culture, collectivistic perception of the people. Apart from this there is influenced of the social genealogy of the particular culture that is reflected in each space that is found in the societies (Bale, and Philo, 2002). The specific relation between place and identity can influence social conformities, culture and also about the political ideologies of a space (Charlton et al., 2011). People who feel connected to the space will feel like an insider. This space gives a sense of belonging to the individuals. Interestingly when immigrants come into a new country, they try to foster a connection between the new space to develop their identities (Keith, & Pile, 2004). Subsequent to this it can be understood that identity of a space is based on the social conformities and cultural practices of the people in the space (Massey, 1997). Hence the identity of a space by the individuals is based on the collectivistic perception of the ideals held by the people in the societies.

research paper 代写-研究论文调查

research paper 代写-研究论文调查



research paper 代写-研究论文调查

In primary research, there is analysis of one aspect. It answers the exact question that the researcher is looking. Primary data is the actual raw data that has been obtained from research. From the raw data that has been collected, a number of analyses are done to understand the impact of the data. Feasibility of collecting large volumes of data is not possible, in those situations, primary research has been used. Volume of data and conditions in which the data has been gathered are all under the discretion of the primary researcher. The disadvantage of this research is that large volumes of data collection are not possible owing to the time constraints and resource availability. In those cases, there is a collection of data from the review articles. Review articles critically analyze the different viewpoints of the primary and review articles. In review articles more than actual research being conducted, there is critical analysis about the findings found in other researches. This analysis could be of other review articles or research findings. It then forms opinion and determines the notion of the majority. It also question about the validity of the research that has been conducted and tries to develop the future trends that are required. In review articles, large volumes of data collection are possible with little resources.

In the article, “Metastases, simulating mammary cancer, in prostatic carcinoma under estrogenic therapy” a number of references has been used. Analysis of the references has been done in the following