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The 2008 Sinchuan earthquake occurred in 2008. It is known as the Great Wenchuan Earthquake, named after Wenchuan County at Sinchuan in China, which was the epicenter of the earthquake. Scientists of Caltech Tectonics Observatory stated that this devastating earthquake that stroke China on May 12, 2008 is one in the earthquake series of the earthquake prone region and may be repeated. It occurred in a region which is gradually deforming because of friction between the two tectonic plates: The Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate.

The collision that has been on for over 50 million years has contributed to the development of high mountain ranges and seismicity visible across Central Asia. The region of intense circles between Asia and India covers a broad region, which is undergoing huge deformation and strain. It is this strain that resulted in the Sinchuan quake and might lead to others. Evidentially, India has been shifting northwards. This shift measures at a rate of 4mm every year and it equals to almost eighth of an inch annually. This shift results in the ongoing rise of the Longmen Shan mountain range, which forms Tibet’s Eastern Border.

The Sinchuan Earthquake had a magnitude of about 7.9, which ruptured the front side of the Longmen Shan fault that marked the eastern corner of Tibet, wherein the Sichuan Basin meets the Longmen Shan Mountain. The rupture of the fault began in the northwest mountains of Chengdu city and during the next 50 seconds, the rupture traversed a 100 miles towards the Northeast direction, testing apart the landmass in front of the mountain range. Motion among the fault’s southern edge was basically dip slip, which resulted to an uplift of the mountain range and the Sinchuan basin’s subsidence.

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