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Another prominent name in art of 19th century in England is Voysey. Voysey was pioneer of floral work in cloth designing. In the architectural field, his designs were famous due to clear elaboration. He introduced a very unique style of buildings with bare white plastered buildings with huge strips of windows. Voysey did not worked much on landscape as Pugin and Ruskin, though his work was unique, versatile and unblemished (Eisenman, 1994). A number of artists of 19th and 20th century were inspired from his work.
Some artists from French background introduced Art Nouveau in England in 19th century, when above discussed artists were already working on their premier styles and designs. Among these styles Art Nouveau made its place in the art culture of England and soon spread and inspired a huge number of young and enthusiastic artists. The qualities of Art Nouveau, always make it stand out and attractive to the craftsmen and art lovers as Art Nouveau does not overlook minor objects and activities and everyday life. It covers everyday objects and matters in art various art forms from architecture to paintings, illustration, furniture, decorative, glassware and numerous other forms.


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