The course is depicted to be illustrating the proper progress of the work which is describing the aim of the procurement and the inventory management can be easily explained by illustrating the performance measurement for the work. The strategic analysis is made by explaining the functions of the work which is precisely explained by describing the enhancement of the procurement functions. The design management is being made by explaining the location of the suppliers and the customers which are illustrating the warehouse centres (Cole, 2015). This describes the supply chain which is highly globalized by illustrating the expansion of the globalization process which is illustrated as the most important part for the development of the work.
The Globalization and the competing supply chains have led the management to maintain the chains that are acting as a source of the advantage and the competing nature can be easily illustrated by illustrating the outcompete of their competitors. The settings of the continual measurement with the evaluation and the improvement of the supply chain is made by the assist of the appropriate measurements and the evaluation of the supply chains. The minimal amount of the work can be easily illustrated by describing the explanation of the work which is indulged in the process as undertaken by Z-energy. Therefore, the explanation of the work is undertaken in the form of the 3PL suppliers’ strategies and the expansion of the business can be easily identified in the form of implementing the strategies to illustrate the proper processes that are involved in describing the effective processes with the enhancement of the services (Czisch, 2011).
Thus, the management of the work is effectively made by illustrating the expansion of the business which is involved by illustrating the expansion of the study. The location of the suppliers and customers with the production and the management of the warehouses are illustrated to be describing the appropriate illustration of the supply chain processes. These are illustrated to be illustrating the appropriate relationship between the management and the complicated activities which are seemed to be involved in focusing on the outcomes of the competitors and the setting is required to be illustrating the variety of the logistic activities.